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Most medical aids don’t pay for cosmetic surgery, or will do so only under certain circumstances. One such example is when the size of your breasts causes health problems which can be solved by a breast reduction.

Cosmetic or plastic surgery has historically had a bad reputation of catering to superficial whims and was therefore deemed unnecessary. This kind of surgery was seen as an indulgence, or at best a career boosting strategy for those in the entertainment industry.

Opinions have changed. While it remains a controversial topic to many, there has been a shift toward a more understanding and kinder view of these procedures and the people who seek them out. For example, pregnancy can wreak havoc on a woman’s body – not everyone is blessed with a genetic makeup that will ensure a return to your pre-pregnancy body, regardless of how hard you work. It is also a fact that there are limits to how much you can change your body by means of diet and exercise.

You might just be unhappy with the physical shape you were born with and suffer from poor self-esteem as a result. While cosmetic surgery can’t work miracles, it can greatly improve the way you feel about yourself and change the way you interact with the world for the better. 

We will update this blog with new insurances that actually do cover breast reduction.  It is up to you to make an informed decision of whether you can handle the debt procured from funding yourself or whether saving up and then doing surgery is worth it to you, given your circumstances are not time sensitive.  The return on confidence and happiness vs financial standing is only something you can make an informed decision on. All we can support is that you’ve chosen what will give you calm and peace of mind.

Posted by Stuart Geldenhuys

My philosophy centres on personal care. Compassion for my patients and the value of attentive communication have been an integral part of my approach from my first days of internship at Groote Schuur and Red Cross Children's Hospitals in Cape Town. It is my belief that effective communication is the basis for a successful outcome. I make it a priority to keep abreast of trends and advances in my field by regularly attending local and international conferences. I employ conventional techniques that deliver predictable, natural results. I believe it is the subtle modifications of each technique, particular to each individual, which optimise the outcome.