My Plastic Surgery Experience – Real Patient Stories

Plastic surgery is a journey that starts with a desire or concern that becomes a process from the consultation to the last bit of recovery after surgery. Like all journeys, people have many different physical and emotional experiences that tell more than just what the final physical change has become. One can easily look at before and after photographs of any plastic surgery procedure and see a transformation, but it reveals nothing about what that specific patient experienced in reaching that point.

When one considers having an elective plastic surgery procedure, curiosity and concerns abound about every step of the process. This is particularly true in what the recovery will be like after surgery, whether they thought the result was worth the effort, and what they would or would not do again about any aspect of the surgery. While one can read the basic facts about an operation and the plastic surgeon can tell you most patients experience, it is still not the same as hearing it from an actual patient.

We are interested in what you have experienced having gone through a plastic surgery procedure. If you are interested in sharing your experience, please submit to or go to our “contact us” page. There are certain guidelines that should be followed. They are as follows:

  • There is no specific length or number of words that you can submit.
  • Title your story by the procedure(s) that you had done. (e.g. My Facelift)
  • Do not use your full name or geographic location unless you desire that information for all to see. Use only your first name
  • We are interested in all plastic surgery experiences, both good and those that are less so. Be aware, however, this is not a publishing forum for negative rants or personal attacks. This is an educational forum to help prospective patients understand what the plastic surgery process is like from real experiences.
  • We are particularly interested in hearing what drew you to consider plastic surgery, how you made the decision for the operations you had, what the recovery process was like and how plastic surgery has impacted your life afterwards.
  • We would like to publish these experiences in an unedited fashion. They will, however, be reviewed prior to being put online. The decision to publish them will be determined by us and submission is not a guarantee that it will be posted.
  • Be aware that having your story placed online will make it available to the world to see and read.
  • By allowing us to post your experience, you are giving up any and all copyrights or ownership of your words or experience.
  • Some of these stories may be followed by a short commentary by Dr. Geldenhuys to help highlight key experience points in your submission.

Please help us make My Plastic Surgery Story a great experience resource for patients. We look forward to hearing your story!

Posted by Stuart Geldenhuys

My philosophy centres on personal care. Compassion for my patients and the value of attentive communication have been an integral part of my approach from my first days of internship at Groote Schuur and Red Cross Children's Hospitals in Cape Town. It is my belief that effective communication is the basis for a successful outcome. I make it a priority to keep abreast of trends and advances in my field by regularly attending local and international conferences. I employ conventional techniques that deliver predictable, natural results. I believe it is the subtle modifications of each technique, particular to each individual, which optimise the outcome.