I felt comfortable and I trusted you completely

I felt comfortable and I trusted you completely

How to thank someone that has changed the life of a 21 year old.
I can honestly say that I am a very difficult young lady to please. I had this train of thought of having surgery done since I was 16 (always thought that my mother would back out).

Through a lot of Internet browsing, reading of magazines and a lot of unhelpful people, I came across your office by luck and I will never regret that day.
Your receptionist Lynn was highly professional in everything that she did. She answered all my silly questions and gave me a sense of ease immediately . You are blessed to have her with you.

You were exceptional, instead of treating me as a child or even a client, you treated me as a friend. You respected both my mother and myself and at once I felt comfortable and I trusted you completely.

With doctors that is very rare.

I am extremely proud and privileged to call you my doctor. You and every single one of your staff members have really played a huge part in my life and i don’t think that a simple thank you would have been enough.

From one of your many fans.